About Grimsby Timescapes

Grimsby Timescapes invites you to interact with Grimsby’s past while experiencing its present. This smartphone app lets you walk along Grimsby’s downtown core and overlay historical images of its Main Street West and Livingston Avenue onto the

Grimsby Timescapes main menu page (Grimsby Timescapes, 2015).

Grimsby Timescapes main menu page (Grimsby Timescapes, 2015).

contemporary streetscape that surrounds you through the camera on your smartphone. The idea is to bring the past into the present. As you look through historical images of scenes from Grimsby’s downtown, you can see how this small-town has changed and grown over time. Reflect on how the buildings and streetscape have changed- and what has disappeared altogether!  Learn the history of the buildings, the businesses and the local people that were at one time a familiar part of Grimsby’s downtown.

Using GPS and augmented reality technology, the Grimsby Timescapes app works by detecting your location in Grimsby’s downtown and presenting its site on the smartphone screen. You can find not only historical images, but also stories that tell some of the history of Grimsby’s downtown and the community built around it. We hope that this app will invite you to learn a little bit more about Grimsby’s downtown history. We also hope that Grimsby Timescapes will encourage you to recall and share your own memories of Grimsby’s downtown.

Grimsby Timescapes is a curatorial project that is part of the graduate research of Sara Nixon, a student in the Public History MA Program at Carleton University. It is planned to launch this Summer 2015.

This application is an extension of the Timescapes App developed by the Centre for Public History and the School for Information Studies, Carleton University.  It is funded in part by DH@CWorks: the Digital History at Carleton Workshop.For more information, please see: